Group Photos

June 2023: QTTS members Shuva Mitra (middle row, left), Sean Sanders (middle row, center), Prof. Knezevic (middle row, right), and Sam Belling (bottom row, left) attended the 2023 International Workshop on Computational Nanotechnology in Barcelona, Spain.


September 2022: From left: Sun-Woo Jo, Eric Haag, Shuva Mitra, Irena Knezevic, Laleh Avazpour, Sean Sanders, Kubra Eryilmaz, and Sam Belling. 


Group members July 2021 Zoom
July 2021: Zoom group meeting. Top row: Sam Belling, Irena Knezevic, Sina Soleimanikahnoh. Middle row: Michelle King, Kubra Eryilmaz, Laleh Avazpour. Bottom row: Yichen Li, Shuva Mitra
Images of students participating in a videoconference meeting
Spring/Summer 2020: A virtual group meeting during the pandemic.


Group members at lunch January 2020
January 2020: Group lunch at Library Cafe. From left: Stefan Schmidt, Sina Soleimanikahnoj, Laleh Avazpour, Kubra Eryilmaz, Michelle King, Sam Belling, and Yichen Li
Group photo of students and advisor standing indoors
September 2017: From left: Song, Sina, Amirhossein, Farhad, Michelle, Suraj, Irena
Farhad Karimi holding a small statue in honor of his student paper award
Summer 2017: Farhad received an Early Career Scientist Award for this paper “Linear and nonlinear optical response of graphene nanoribbons” at EDISON 20 (The 20th International Conference on Electron Dynamics in Semiconductors, Optoelectronics and Nanostructures) held in Buffalo, NY.
Research group members standing in front of indoor art in Engineering Hall
July 2016: From left: Irena, Jason, Oli, Song, Farhad, Amirhossin, Sina, Leon.
Leon Maurer holding two award plaques, with two family members by his side
May 2016: Leon Maurer received two Department of Physics Awards: the 2016 Van Vleck Award and the Spring 2015 Best TA Award. Congratulations, Leon!
May 2016: Farhad receiving a 2016 Outstanding TA Award from the ECE Dept Chair Prof. John Booske. Congratulation, Farhad!
Chancellor Blank and Jason Hsu, shaking hands
May 2016: Jason Hsu receiving a 2016 Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship from Chancellor Rebecca Blank. Congratulation, Jason!
Group members standing in an Engineering Hall conference room
May 2015 (before Nishant’s and Yanbing’s graduation ceremony): From left: Nishant Sule, Olafur Jonasson, Irena Knezevic, Song Mei, Farhad Karimi, Leon Maurer, Amirhossein Davoody, Alex Gabourie, Sina Soleimanikahnoj, Yanbing Shi, Amanda Zuverink
Group members standing across from Engineering Hall
September 2014: Back row, from left: Alex Gabourie, Leon Maurer, Sina Soleimanikahnoj. Middle row, from left: Yanbing Shi, Olafur Jonasson, Nishant Sule, Amirhossein Davoody, Irena Knezevic. Front row, from left: Farhad Karimi, Song Mei, Amanda ZuVerink.
Group members standing in front of white board in an Engineering Hall conferenece room
June 2013: Back row, from left: Zlatan Aksamija, Leon Maurer, Nishant Sule, Farhad Karimi, Irena Knezevic. Front row, from left: Olafur Jonasson, Amirhossein Davoody, Yanbing Shi, Song Mei
Nishant Sule thanking the audience for his student paper award, while conference organizer Chihiro Hamaguchi looks on
June 2013: Nishant receiving his Outstanding Student Paper Award from Prof. Chihiro Hamaguchi at IWCE 2013 in Nara, Japan.
Group members having lunch at The Library Cafe on campus
August 2012: Library Cafe, relaxing after Bozidar’s PhD defense. From left, clockwise: Yanbing Shi, Nishant Sule, Edwin Ramayya, Olafur Jonasson, Amirhossein Davoody, Bozidar Novakovic
Group members in front of the Engineering Drive fountain
August 2012:  (from left, clockwise) Yanbing Shi,Olafur Jonasson, Nishant Sule, Bozidar Novakovic, Irena Knezevic, Edwin Ramayya, Amirhossein Davoody. Missing: Zlatan Aksamija and Leon Maurer
Group members in front of the Engineering Drive fountain
August 2010:  Back row, from left: Zlatan Aksamija, Ken Leedle, Irena Knezevic, Bozidar Novakovic, Nishant Sule, Yanbing Shi, James Endres.  Front row, from left: Edwin Ramayya, Keely Willis, Oleksiy Slobodyan, Mir Asgar, Jie Chen
Group members in front of Engineering Drive fountain
September 2009: (from left) Edwin Ramayya, Irena Knezevic, Kevin Messer, Zlatan Aksamija, Yanbing Shi, Bozidar Novakovic, Keely Willis, and Jie Chen
Group members in front of Engineering Hall fountain 2008
March 2008: (from left) Edwin Ramayya, Han Zhou, Suzey Gao, Irena Knezevic, Bozidar Novakovic