New publication: Plasmon-enhanced optical nonlinearity in graphene nanomeshes (Phys. Rev. B)

Former group member Dr. Farhad Karimi, graduate student Shuva Mitra, former group member Sina Soleimanikahnoj, and Prof. Irena Knezevic coauthored the recent publication “Plasmon-enhanced optical nonlinearity in graphene nanomeshes”  in Physical Review B. [Publisher’s link]

Abstract: Using the density-matrix formalism, we show that graphene nanomeshes (GNMs)—graphene sheets patterned with antidots—have large plasmon-enhanced nonlinear optical response. GNMs can be designed to behave as quasi-one-dimensional plasmonic crystals in which plasmons with large propagation lengths are efficiently excited. The associated third-order Kerr and third-harmonic-generation susceptibility can be as high as 10-7 and 10-9 m2/V2, respectively, over the mid-to-near-infrared frequency range. Furthermore, carrier-density tuning in GNMs can flip the propagation direction of plasmonic waves and enables bidirectional switching of optical signals.